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All you warrior fans out there, I have an announcement! Besides the fact that I can't spell announcements, I have a new Warrior Cat RP! It can be found here: [link] Tons of deputy positions, medicine cat positions, and even Leader positions open! Plus, I'm still looking for a co-admin and a global moderator! So please, check it out!

***TO SAVE***
1) Hit the PRT SC button (Print Screen) located above the delete button on most PCs.

2) Paste into any picture-editing program, such as photoshop, paint shop pro, or even ms paint or any paint program your computer comes with (usually located in the 'accessories' folder under programs)

3) Crop, edit, add to or draw as you like!

Yes, you can post your cats on the site! I would love to see your creations! Just give credit to me in the artist's comments and link back here please! I'd also love to see your cats, so if you make one, put the link in a comment! <3

The pose for the cat is referenced from here: [link]žion=&global=1&q=warrior+cat#/d1lb3r9 credit for the pose goes to :iconwadifahtook:
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BestUsernameEver1 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
Name: Loch Star
Gender: Tom
Age: 18 moons
Clan: Silver Clan
Personality: Brave and ruthless, but always wants to have fun. Loch Star is a confident and friendly cat, who loves to look after other members of the clan.
Rank: Warrior
Description: Amber pelt with light grey stripes, white under-belly and socks. Long haired and blue eyed
Mate: Misty Stem
Kits: 4. Names are: Cinder Kit (She-Cat) Loch Kit (Tom) Copper Spots (Tom) Vine Paw (She-cat) 

Other: Silver Clan has lost many important members due to deforestation by the two-legs, so they face threat from larger clans. 

left shark My friend made this o.c btw :Dleft shark 
BestUsernameEver1 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
Name: Black Star
Gender: She-Cat
Age: 11 moons
Clan: Raven Clan
Personality: Blunt and wise, especially for her age.
Rank: Apprentice, training to be medic
Description: Mainly-black pelt with a white under-belly, chest and hind paws. Has dark grey spots and blazing yellow eyes.
Mate: None
Litter mates: None
Mother: Night Star
Father: Thunder Pelt (another one of my o.c's)
Other: She may be blunt and wise, but it has become socially unacceptable to like/be friends with her. She spends most of her days training hard with her mentor. She is hoping one day to prove all the other apprentices wrong by healing an important cat or one of them.

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BestUsernameEver1 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
Forgot to say, she's a short hair XD

hamster dance 
FallenMountain Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artist
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BestUsernameEver1 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Name: Silver Night
Gender: She-Cat
Age: 25 moons
Clan: Wind Clan
Personality: Over-protective mother of 2, (Yarrow Paw and Rock Paw.) struggles to care for two kits without a mate to help her. She refuses to let other cats take care of them, unless completely necessary, because she thinks nobody really knows them like she does. And she may be right.
Rank: Queen.
Description: Longhair light grey pelt, dark grey spots and white underbelly chest, and socks with gleaming blue eyes
Mate: None
Kits: Yarrow Paw (she-cat) and Rock Paw (tom) both very young, about 4 moons.
BestUsernameEver1 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Name: Ginger Splash
Gender: Tom
Age: 12 moons
Clan: Blaze Clan
Personality: Perky, never seems to be sad. Always a positive attitude but can be wary. His talent is in smelling and he uses that to smell if the herbs are poisonous.
Rank: Apprentice, training to be a medic
Description: Yellowy-orange coat, with a white  underbelly and chest. He has white socks on all paws and blue eyes.
Mother: Snowy paw (another one of my o.c's)
Father: Rowan Flame 
Litter mates: Sun Stream(she-cat), Honey Song(she-cat) and Snake Stripe (tom)

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BestUsernameEver1 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
Name: Snowy Paw
Gender: She-Cat
Age: 27 moons
Clan: Night Clan
Personality: Was forced to go hunt whilst holding her 3rd litter since food was so scarce in her clan in winter
Rank: Former queen, then was forced to be warrior
Description: Long haired black pelt, with grey light grey spots. Amber eyes and sock on front left paw
Her first litter: 4 kits, then two died of starvation. The two left are warriors
Her second litter: 3 kits, Also very strong warriors
Her third litter: Are being carried right now

Mate: Short hair beige and grey, with white underbelly and chest, blue eyes

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BestUsernameEver1 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
Name: Thunder Pelt
Gender: Tom
Age: 24 moons
Clan: Star Clan
Personality: Shy, but best hunter in the clan. Always comes back with a meal, no matter what season
Rank: Warrior
Description: Short hair, black fur with grey spots, yellow eyes and white socks
Mother: Quick Silver, was killed by rogue cats whilst carrying her next litter
Father: Unknown, Quick Silver prefered not to talk about
Mate: Night Star, is carrying their first litter

AquaCupcakeLord Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  New member Student Digital Artist
Name: Badgersplash
Gender: Tom
Age: 23 Moons
Clan: RiverClan
Personality: Funny and swift, always love to mess around with the kits.
Rank: Warrior
Description: White long-haired tom with black patches and amber eyes.
Mother: Frostfang *White long-haired she-cat with ice blue eyes and a nicked ear*
Father: Swiftwind *Pale cream tom with forest green eyes and white paws*
Kin: Vixenleap *Fox-like she-cat with amber eyes*
Mate: None
skyler22000 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
Name: CrimsonTide
Appearance: Dark orange tom with brown stripes, white underbelly legs and front right paw, back spots, pale yellow eyes.
Personality: Very hard to get along with, rude, dark, never let's anyone in his life.
LitterMate(s): FoxCloud(bright orange she-cat with a white tail and black paws)
Mother: AmberIvy(dark ginger she-cat with deep green eyes)
Father: Echofall(dark grey tom with silver patches and orange dots around muzzle)
Mate: DashHeart(gentle white she-cat with dark brown stripes and spots, helps Crimson control his temper)
plumsweet1 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  New member Student Artist
This is nice, But I think I like the old one better :)
Hollyleaf223 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  New member Student General Artist
Made Hollyleaf :D
TianaLPSScratch Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  New member Hobbyist Filmographer
I made Squriilflight
Blizzardleap01234 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  New member
Name: Creamfur
gender: she-cat
age: 33 moons
Clan: WindClan
description: cream colored she-cat with a white underbelly, dark brown stripes all down her body, a dark brown muzzle, and dark brown legs and paws.
Parents: Tallfoot,a tourtishell queen with black dapples, Leopardclaw, golden tom with black dappled spots, a senior warrior.
Siblings: Stormflight, Bluefrost, Sleekfur, Flarestorm
kits: Hollykit, Burnkit, Winterkit, Patchkit and the second litter: Shinekit, Mintkit
artheaven380 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015
Name: Jaywhisker
Gender: Male
Appearance: Grey Mottled Tom; Dark blue eyes; Lithe muscular body
Age: 25 moons (Young deputy)
Clan: Windclan
Rank: Young deputy (After former deputy Brightclaw died of unknown disease)
Personality: Stubborn, Disloyal to anything besides his clan, Ambitious, Bad-tempered
Parents: Rabbitleap (Old cranky queen, Pale-grey she-cat with amber eyes) Cloudclaw (Pure white muscular tom with blue eyes; died in battle)
Littermates: Frostflower, Bluewhisker 
Mentor: Grassfang
Mate: Nightflower (divorced) Willowflight 
Kits: Bluekit, Mistkit, Shadekit (Nightflower's kits) Shrewpaw, Ashpaw (Willowflight's kits)
Apprentice: Reedstripe, Nettlepaw
Closest Friends: Flintflight, Gorsetail
Leader: Ashenstar
Enemies: Nightflower, Rainstar (Shadowclan leader
artheaven380 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015
Name: Poppyberry
Gender: Female
Age: 78 moons
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: Old queen, loved by all kits. Even though she is too old to have more kits, she helps each nursing queen with their litter
Appearance: Thick dappled tortoiseshell pelt with white patches; Bushy Tail; Beautiful Amber Eyes 
Personality: Gentle, Protective of kits and loved ones, Sweet, Loving, Good-tempered, inherited by mother
Parents: Lillydapple (Thick dappled coat like Poppyberry, Bright green eyes, Gentle and Loving; died giving birth) Specklepelt (Small brown dusky she-cat with black spots and big brown eyes; foster mother to Poppyberry, Spottedfern and Tawnypaw) Blackpatch (Sleek white tom with black patches; Amber eyes; Left to Riverclan to be with his new mate)
Littermates: Spottedfern, Tawnypaw (died as apprentice, killed by fox) 
Mentor: Pineheart
Mate: Mudstorm (Dark Brown Tom with sleek and muscular body; Deep amber eyes)
Kits: Scorchfur, Tallfoot, Amberpelt, Mottleheart, Grasspond, Falconpaw, Talonpaw, Ashenpaw
Closest friends: (Mainly other Queens) Iceflower, Leafpelt, Larkwing
Leader: Duskstar
History: Poppyberry's mother Lilydapple died giving birth to her first litter, Poppyberry, Spottedfern and Tawnypaw. Therefore, Poppyberry and her littermates were raised by their foster mother Specklepelt along with her kit Leopardpelt. Poppyberry's father Blackpatch was depressed after his mate's death. Soon, he fell in love with a Riverclan she-cat Lakecloud and joined Riverclan to be with her. They had half-clan kits in Riverclan called Ripplefur and Mossbreeze. Despite her mother's death and father's betrayal, Poppyberry grew up loyal to her clan, while inheriting her mother's gentle nature. 
Enemies: None, even though Lakecloud isn't her favourite cat
hawkwolf188 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015  New member Student Artisan Crafter
Jeff Noms 
seal44444 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015  New member
I like it cuz it more realistic Tard Hi :excited: Hi! 
artheaven380 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
Name: Kestrelstar (Kestrelwing)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown tabby tom with black stripes; Muscular with sleek fur; Dark amber eyes
Personality: Extremely Loyal; Courageous; Thoughtful
Age: 50 moons (2 lives left)
Clan: Windclan
Rank: Leader
Mate: Echobreeze (Killed by Shadowclan Warrior in battle)
Kits: Hawkwhisker, Spottedflower, Weedpaw, Heatherkit
Parents: Larksong (Pale brown she-cat with gentle brown eyes, death caused by greencough) Crowflight (Dark Ginger tom with black patches and amber eyes, died as elder)
Littermates: Falconwing (Died in Riverclan battle)
Mentor: Hareleap
Deputy: Ravenheart
Apprentice: Feathertail, Leappaw
Closest Friends: Hareleap (Mentor), Reedfur
Enemies: Clawfoot (killed mate), Snowstar (Shadowclan Leader)
Leader Before: Hollystar

Name: Snowstar (Snowhawk)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pure white muscular tom with jet black eyes; Thick coat
Personality: Ambitious, Brave; Battle-hungry; Aggressive
Age: 45 moons
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: Leader
Mate: Shadeflower
Kits: Sharpkit, Blackkit
Parents: Icewing (Slender snow-white she-cat) Greyclaw (Dark grey tabby tom)
Littermates: Darkmist, Frostkit
Mentor: Thristlestrom
Deputy: Ashclaw
Apprentice: Talonpelt
Closest Friends: Tallfoot, Webfur
Enemies: Kestrelstar (Windclan Leader), Redstripe (Riverclan warrior, killed best friend Tallfoot)
Leader Before: Pinestar
Thumpycoco123 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Name: Skywing
Gender: Female
Appearance: Silver she-cat with darker stripes white chest, muzzle, and paws, bushy tail; pale ice-blue eyes
Personality: Fun, loyal, gentle, stubborn, smart
Age: 16 moons
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: Warrior
Mate: Shadowblaze (Dark gray tabby tom, yellow eyes)
Kits: Amberkit, (light ginger she-kit with darker stripes, amber eyes) Cinderkit, (gray tabby she-cat, green eyes) Fernkit. (gray tabby she-cat flecked with darker gray, pale blue eyes)
Parents: Rosedapple (Mottled cream she-cat, amber eyes) Blackstripe (Gray tom with black stripes, yellow eyes, exiled and went to Shadowclan and found a new mate.)
Littermates: Leapordkit
Mentor: Lionstrike (golden tom, amber eyes)
History: Her father fell in love with another she-cat from Shadowclan and rejected his mate. Rosedapple told Ashstar, the leader, that Blackstripe was meeting with the Shadowclan warrior. Blackstripe was exiled when their kits were born. Blackstripe snuck in during camp at night and killed one of the kits, but also woke up Rosedapple, who killed Blackstripe. Rosedapple later died with greencough, leaving Skypaw alone.
artheaven380 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Name: Nightflower
Gender: Female
Appearance: Pure black she-cat with white chest-fur, Fluffy tail and a long battle scar on belly; Heather coloured eyes
Personality: Headstrong, Stubborn, Intelligent, Broke the warrior code  
Age: 20 moons
Clan: Thunderclan (drove to exile later)
Rank: Warrior, Loner (after banished from Thunderclan)
Mate: Jaywhisker (Windclan deputy, divorced)
Kits: Bluekit, Mistkit, Shadekit
Parents: Lilycloud (Thunderclan Queen and Warrior) Hollowflight (Thunderclan senior warrior, early death caused by green cough 
Littermates: Twilightkit and Heavykit who died as kits
Mentor: Swiftstorm
Closest Friends: Blackflame, Leafshade (all her friends turned against her when they found out she broke the warrior code)
History: (Similar to Mapleshade) Nightflower used to be a popular and loyal Shadowclan warrior, brave and strong. The Shadowclan leader, Rainstar was ready to appoint her as deputy. Sadly, she fell in love with Jaywhisker, the Windclan deputy after they met at a gathering. After that, they secretly sneaked out of camp every night to meet each other. Nightflower's close friend Blackflame found out but promised not to reveal her secret unless they stop meeting each other. Nightflower rejected and continues meeting Jaywhisker at night without Blackflame or any other cat knowing. She soon found out that she was expecting Jaywhisker's kits and decided to keep it a secret but the Shadowclan medicine cat Whitepoppy soon figured it out. When Blackflame found out about the kits, she betrayed Nightflower and revealed her secret to Rainstar and the whole of Shadowclan. All of Shadowclan turned their backs to Nightflower, even her mother Lilycloud, no matter how hard she begged. Rainstar banished Nightflower from Shadowclan and threatened to kill her if she was found on Shadowclan territory ever again. Lost and banished, Nightflower stumbled all the way to Windclan, hoping Jaywhisker and his clan would take her and the kits in. Jaywhisker rejected Nightflower, telling Windclan that he never loved her and was only loyal to clan. He even said that he loved another Windclan she-cat named Willowflight right in Nightflower's face. Nightflower was heartbroken and furious, she jumped on Jaywhisker and fought him. She was tired and not as strong after giving birth recently, so Jaywhisker kicked her off and clawed her belly. A Windclan patrol dragged her all the way to the border and off Windclan territory. Nightflower and her kits lay at the border, weak and hungry, and they died the next morning. 
Duskdapple Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  New member
Duskdapple Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  New member
Mine is Duskdapple
diamondwolf2003 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  New member
moocream is its name
diamondwolf2003 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  New member
i love my warrior look at it link…
Fus-ro-Yay1 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015
lol I made my cat xD
sparklingabsol Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  New member Student General Artist
I made trinket, a girl Siamese kittypet
MightyHeart-lepawaj Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  New member Student Digital Artist
Name: Greyfire
Golden/silver rose: No one
Rank: deputy
Gender: female
Clan: Ashclan
Description: A ashen femorra with a snowy underbelly and petrifying sun bright optics
Mother: Tidepelt
Father: Nightclaw
Siblings: Questkit and Flintkit
Kits: Nightkit and Jaykit
Before life:
Creekshine had a good mate. Everything went wrong after that. She used to live in Stormclan until something tragic happened and she was bound to leave. She died a few nights later from getting herself trapped in a fox trap. 
Now life:
Greyfire also had the same mate but he broke her heart and she was never the same. She lives in Ashclan with her 2 beautiful kits and ex-mate. She is deputy so she is not leaving and she will stay there until if she becomes leader, her final life. She hopes her kits will become awesome warriors and that is it.
plumsweet1 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  New member Student Artist
Happy Arts perfecto gameoHappy Rikkun 
plumsweet1 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  New member Student Artist
I made Scourge :D
LOLKITTENSLOL Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
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PonyFNaFKittyPainter Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Try the glitch : Shorthaired bobtail and then click longhaired. Tadaaaa
HollyleafxScourge Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
Name: Blood Description: silver Bengal she-cat with dark violet eyes, red dogtooth collar, three scars on her left cheek, and a scratch on her left hindleg Personality: stubborn, caring at times, will protect her kits like a LionClanner. Age: 45 moons old Mate: Scourge Crush: Scourge, once had a small crush on Bone Kits: Raven, Frost, Feather, Oak, Trout, and Fire Clan: BloodClan Now: a rogue Postion: Used to be a warrior, but now a rogue. Backstory: used to be kittypet, abandoned by her mother who was a loner, Scourge found her and took her to BloodClan. She was six moons younger then him, and when she was 20 moons old she realized she loved Scourge and they had been mates for 6 moons before she was expecting his kits and when LionClan vs. BloodClan battle begun.
Name: Raven Description: small black she-cat with a white front paw, purple dog-tooth collar, and icy blue eyes. Has a scar on her right leg. Personality: calm, stubborn, and is sensitive. Age: 25 moons old Mate: None Crush: a ThunderClan tom called Brambleheart Kits: none Clan: none Now: a rogue Postion: a rogue Backstory: was born in a small den with her siblings, and was picked on easily. In leaf-fall, when she was 6 moons old, her mother took her and her siblings into the forest. There Raven found a tom called Bramblepaw. They became close friends but her mother didn't trust her with the tom. Soon when she was 15 moons old, they followed the other clans to the lake territory, and she found Bramblepaw now Brambleheart and they journeyed together. Soon in the lake territory, they would have secret meetings and she soon had a crush on the young tom.
Name: Frost Description: long-haired silver she-cat with black stripes, light violet eyes, a white stocking on her front right and back left leg, a white paw on front right and left back, white underbelly and chest, a scratch on her chest and light blue dog-tooth collar. Personality: hyper, cheerful, and loves leaf-bare. Age: 25 moons old Mate: none Crush: a WindClan tom called Rowanclaw Kits: none Clan: none Now: Rogue Postion: rogue Backstory: was born in a small den, and she was the first kit to open their eyes. When she first saw snow, she was curiose and over-delighted how fun it was to play in it. But her mother had other ideas and kept her in the den, most of the time. When her mother showed her the forest she ran around and got lost. Her being 6 moons old, she was confused and headed towards the moor. There she met Rowanpaw and soon lost all of her worries. Rowanpaw soon became great friends with her, but her mother always watched her from a distance, making sure nothing happened. At 15 moons old, she had chased after Rowanclaw, throwing snow or leaves at him. She soon left, but she a him at the WindClan border, and soon realized she had a crush on the tom. She met him, when she could slip out of her mothers eyes.
Name: Feather Description: long-haired white she-cat with light grey stripes, black patches, a bob-tail, dark blue eyes, three scars on her front right leg, and silver dog-tooth collar. Personality: calm, adventurous, and loyal.
Age: 25 moons old Mate: Mud Crush: Mud Kits: expecting Clan: none Now: rogue Postion: a rogue Backstory: right from the start when she was born, she always had a mind of her own. Always getting into trouble or listening to her mother. She loved when her mother told stories about their father, and she grew used to the cold. When her mother showed her the forest, she wasn't looking and her tail got trapped in a fox trap, and she lost almost her whole tail. When she was 7, she went exploring and met a tom called Mud. She loved how he was free, and wished someday she could be free. When she was 8, she realized she was free, but just loyal to her family. She soon went looking for the tom, and asked him questions, not realizing he was 9 moons old. She always looked for him, when she didn't had anything to do. When she was going to the lake, Mud followed, and she had a small crush on him. When she was 24, she asked if he could be her mate, and he said yes.
Name: Oak Description: light brown tom with darker brown stripes, frosty green eyes, white paws, green dog-tooth collar, bob-tail, a scratch on right ear, and three scars on right hindleg. Personality: stubborn, can be battle-hungry at times, and will protect his family at all cost. Age: 25 moons old Mate: None Crush: a ShadowClan she-cat, Nightrose. Kits: None Clan: none Now: rogue Postion: rogue Backstory: Oak always was a late starter, last to open his eyes, last to get a piece of fresh-kill, learning how to hunt, to get his first piece of prey, and so on, but he was the best at battle moves. He had caught up fast, and when he first landed his back kick perfect, he knew he was going to be the best fighter. When he went to the forest, he wanted to practice his fighting moves, instead of looking around. He met Nightpaw and went right to attack, but was knocked over by Nightpaw. He was amazed and asked if she could teach him, and there, they started their training. When he was training with her, he didn't realize that they we're becoming closer. Soon, at 15 moons, and on to the lake, he soon realized he was falling for Nightrose. He would vist her, and soon tried to push his feelings back, but he couldn't.
Name: Trout Description: silver Bengal tom with dark violet eyes, and a red dog-tooth collar. Personality: quiet, calm, and smart Age: 25 moons old Mate: none Crush: a RiverClan she-cat called Willowstorm. Kits: none Clan: none Now: rogue Postion: rogue Backstory: Trout always stood by his mom's side, listening to everything she said. He always was the first or second to do the things. He was interested when his mother talked about the forest, and wished he could go. His wish came true and he explored around the river. When he was looking in the river, water had splashed him, and he turned his head around and saw Willowpaw. He was curiosed and asked who she was. She explained everything, and when he heard his mother calling, he said goodbye and raced towards his mother. Everytime when he got to go in the forest, and he always talked to Willowpaw. He was interested and inspired for what she said, and he told her what and who he was. He finally told her, he was leaving to another territory and was overwhelmed with joy when Willowpaw said she was coming to another lake too. When they were heading towards the new territory, he was finally realizing, he had a small crush on Willowstorm.
Name: Fire Description: long-haired, small ginger tom with lighter ginger stripes, and darker ginger patches, dark, forest green eyes, bob-tail, and dark orange dog-tooth collar. Personality: playful, cheerful, and loves to meet other cats. Age: 25 moons old Mate: Blossom Crush: Blossom Kits: Blossom is expecting his kits Clan: none Now: rogue Postion: rogue Backstory: Fire loved to explore and play with his siblings, so when he could walk, he had soon explored the den, and then pounced on Raven. He would play and play with his siblings, and when they went to the forest, he found Blossom rolling in some petals and he soon thought it was a game and rolled in the petals. Blossom, not expecting him to come, jumped I fright and dashed, but Fire jumped on her and said "Tag!". She realized it was a game and played with him. Soon they were playing together each day. When he was 10, he started to have a crush on Blossom, and asked if she could travel with him and his family, to the new territory, and she answered yes. When he was 20 moons old and asked if they could be mates, and she said yes to that too.
Name Brambleheart Description: dark brown tom, with darker brown stripes and orange patches, white underbelly, white stocking on his back right leg, white paw on her front left paw, and dark green eyes. Personality: protactive, loveable, and brave Age: 26 moons old Mate: none Crush: a small crush on Raven Kits: none Clan: ThunderClan Now: ThunderClan Postion: warrior Backstory: Brambleheart's birth mother is unknown, as he was adopted, but he belives he is full blooded ThunderClan. He was bullied from the rumores, but he had a regular kit life. When he was an apprentice, he met Raven, and he loved her personality. When he trained, he promised himself he will see Raven again. Everyday he would met Raven and play, intill they had to leave. When he was a warrior, he started to have a small crush on her, but nothing else.
Name: Rowanclaw Description: dark russet-colored tom with bright, yellow eyes, and orange stripes. Personality: brave, fast, and carefree Age: 24 moons old Mate: None Crush: has a huge crush on Frost Kits: None Clan: WindClan Now: WindClan warrior Postion: warrior Backstory: was born as a loner, but was brought to WindClan by his father who was pure WindClan. He didn't listen to the other cats about where he came from, and ignored it. Through his whole life, he kept his head up, and worked harder than any other cat. When he met Frost, he finally thought he had a true friend, and loved hanging out with her. At 14 moons old, he started devolping a crush on Frost, and as he got older, the more he loved Frost.
Name: Mud Description: light brown tom, with dark brown eyes, stripes and patches, white underbelly, chest, and legs. Personality: cheerful, calm, and loveable Age: 26 moons old Mate: Feather Crush: Feather Kits: Feather is expecting his kits Clan: none Now: rogue Postion: used to be a loner, now a rogue Backstory: was born as a regular loner, and was left to die, but a kittypet brought him back to full heath. He never really trusted anyone expect for the kittypet, but when he met Feather, she taught him, about the bright side of the earth. He soon loved her at 16 moons old, and when she asked him to be her mate, he had said yes, happy to be with Feather.
Name: Nightrose Description: black she-cat with dark brown stripes, and dark grey patches, dark purple almost red violet eyes. Personality: brave, strong, and caring Age: 24 moons old Mate: none Crush: Oak Kits: none Clan: ShadowClan Now: ShadowClan warrior Postion: ShadowClan warrior Backstory: her father was the leader, and she looked up to him, as she was pure ShadowClan. But she always looked across the border, and when Oak tried to attack, she braced herself and was surprised by his confidence. She taught him and her friendship with him, grew. She soon started to devolp a crush on him.
Name: Willowstorm Description: pale yellow she-cat with light orange stripes, white underbelly, white paws, and light blue eyes. Personality: caring, loveable, careful Age: 26 moons old Mate: none Crush: Trout Kits: none Clan: RiverClan Now: RiverClan warrior Postion: used to be a medicine cat Backstory: she always wanted to be a medicine cat and when she became a medicine cat, she realized that being a medicine cat didn't fit her, so she became a warrior instead. When she saw Trout, she splashed him, thinking that he was asleep. She was surprised he asked her who she was, and she answered. After a while she became close friends with him, and soon had a crush on him.
Name: Blossom Description: dark and pale cream she-cat with white underbelly and chest, white leg on back right and front right, white paws on back left and front left, dark yellow eyes, and pink collar. Personality: clumsy, loveable, tries to be carefull Age: 24 moons old Mate: Fire Crush: Fire Kits: expecting Clan: none Now: rogue Postion: used to be a kittypet but now a rogue. Backstory: was adopted by an old couple from an adopten shelter, and was taken care of. She got to be outside for 3 hours, and she met Fire and soon become great friends quickly. At 14 moons old she devolped a crush on Fire and followed him the new territory.
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Ikr!Bonnie Bruh Chat Icon 
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Name: ShadowHeart ( Black She-Cat with an light black tail tip and dark gray paws and light gray sumges on body, joined thunderclan at the age of 10 moons )
Mother: Rose ( An she-cat kittypet with and rose like pelt, Became the new shadowclan leader after Jaystar died )
Father: JayStar ( Born as an kitty pet and was jake's brother, died in the great battle in the paws of an kittypet named ashy )
Brothers: Myth ( An tom kittypet with an purple like pelt, joined wind clan at the age of 10 moons,. ) Gray ( An tom kittypet with an light gray body and white sumges on paws and body, warrior name was gray feather, joined shadowclan at the sge of 10 moons )
Sister: Queen ( An she-cat kittypet with an pale red-white pelt with red paws, mother of Heartfish's kits, Spotkit and applekit )
Mate: Scourge ( An black tom with one white paw and an purple kittypet collar with cat claws and fangs in it, Was given one more life with tigerclaw )
Kits: Fangkit ( Pale light gray she-cat with very long fangs, got the warrior name Fangtail. Killed by an pack of dogs in the Moonstone )
LeafKit ( Black, Brown, And Dark Green Tom, Became mates with an windclan by the name of RainbowShed, Is the father of Sunkit, Spikekit, And Spirtkit. Got the warrior name Leaftree) MapleKit killed by ashy ( Light maple brown and dark brown tom with short claws and fangs, got the warrior name MapleLeaf ) Snowkit ( White She-Cat with long claws, Got the warrior name snowclaw, Became mates with tigerclaw. Mother of Icekit, Frostkit, and waterkit ) Yellowkit ( Yellow-Red she-cat with blue eyes, got the name Yellowpaw ) Redpaw ( Young tom with red-like pelt, got the name Redpaw ) Kittypet buddies: Ashy ( Dark gray kittypet tom with white paws, Turned evil when shadowheart loved scourge and not him, was the cause of leaftree's death, Luckylie Leaftree was given one more life. Was killed by snowclaw, and tigerclaw, Brokenstar given him one more life to kill ) Death: It was one fine day, Shadowheart was going to see her mother, Rose before she became the new leader of shadowclan, taking her father place after he was killed in the great battle. Once Shadowheart made it to her mother and chated an bit Shadowheart started to go back to thunderclan camp. When some loner cats attacker her, Clawing and biteing her non-stop. Then and monster hit her as the loner cats ran off. An black tom ran to her, she knew it was her mate Scourge.
All she remember was Scourge crying by her body. Days later she was given one more life from starclan. She was too happy after that.
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Beige fur (between choco and white)
Short fur
Green eyes
Socks : every paw, except for FL (front left)
Underbelly and chest
Brown stripes
Mouse in mouth.

My everyday cat.
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Name:FallenMountain((yush meh))
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Name: Slash
Age: 19 moons
Rank: Rogue
Description: A cream and brown she-cat with numerous scars
Mate: None
Kits: None
Personality: Bold, Fiesty, Strong
Parents: Unknown
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Name: Shadowpelt
Age: 21 Moons (1 year and 9 months)
Clan: Nightclan
Rank: Warrior
Description: Black tom with dark gray stripes
Mate: Scarletpelt
Kits: Lilyshine, Darkclaw, and Dusktail
Personality: Quiet
Parents: Nightstar and Moonpelt
my warrior cat :3 ( I'm a female :/ )
name: Winterpelt
clan: ThunderClan
status: Warrior
description: Gray she-cat with black tortoiseshell spots
kits: Autumnleaf, Driftfang
birth: Warriors: Rising storm
mother: Willowpelt
father: Whitestorm
siblings: Phoenixfeather, Amberleaf, Rainycloud
education: Firestar
apprentices: Flamepaw ( not flametail )
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